Conference – 2019 Society of Photographic Education Conference, Cleveland, Ohio

In early March, Professor Garza-Cuen and all three photography graduate students (Josh Dancause, Carlos Villarreal, and Kylie Justus) travelled to the National SPE Conference.

SPE is the leading forum for fostering understanding of photography in all its forms and related media. SPE engages its worldwide membership and affiliated communities through a range of supportive platforms including conferences, events, and publications.

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Don Stover at Home, Billerica, MA, 1972 from Henry Horenstein’s book ‘Honky Tonk’

“It was such a pleasure to have the chance to introduce my graduate students to one of my mentors Henry Horenstein, as well as colleagues and friends such as Odette England, Pedro Letria, and Brian Ulrich among others.” ~ J. Garza-Cuen

Below the Photography Grads give us a little taste of their experiences at the SPE Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kylie Justus, extending her reach!
Carlos Villarreal at the Downtown Hilton watering hole where much of the real conference work took place. Look at that view!!
Kylie Justus at an impromptu portfolio review with a group from the Woman’s Caucus.
‘Fake News & Truth in Photography’ panel discussion with Matt Each, Louie Palu and Barbara Tannenbaum was definitely one of the conference highlights!
Ya gotta eat right Carlos!?!
Both Kylie and Carlos worked as Volunteers at the Conference!!

All of us at TAMU-CC Photo would also like to congratulate Josh Dancause for his selection as regional representative for the Society’s LGBTQ caucus. Congratulations Josh!! And thank you for the work you do to push us further towards understanding, love, and inclusion!

“The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Caucus within SPE exists to provide a safe and progressive environment for LGBTQ image makers and educators. The caucus strives to strengthen the position of all LGBTQ people and to help create, develop, and support the current and next generations of LGBTQ artists and art educators.” ~ SPE website

Personal Pronoun Stickers provided by the LGBTQ caucus

As part of his role as an LGBTQ caucus representative, Josh also helped install the “Combined Caucus Exhibition.”

Combined Caucus Exhibition Installation