Oso Bay XXI: Matter Matters


Beginning 42 years ago, the faculty of the Department of Art + Design at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi have coordinated the Oso Bay Biennial, representing the various disciplines practiced in the department. For 2020, Oso Bay XXI will focus on artworks and techniques that connect and contribute to the interdisciplinary nexus of Sculpture and three-dimensional artmaking, including installation and ceramics. 



A primary component of this year’s biennial will be a national juried exhibition at the Islander Art Gallery, co-sponsored by TAMU-CC, Texas Sculpture Group and Midsouth Sculpture Alliance, and juried and curated by Sculpture Month Houston founder, Dr. Volker Eisele.

Oso Bay XXI is centered in the notions of process, invention, and adaptation in conjunction with tradition, refinement, and commitment, to foster ongoing connections within the interdisciplinary nexus of Three-Dimensional Artmaking.

Open to all artists 18 years and older, the Islander Gallery invites artwork that utilizes traditional and/or contemporary methods of creating objects. In recognition of the title of Oso Bay XXI – Matter Matters, entries should visibly consider a third dimension (even if a narrow or variable one) and be created in a manner that the matter, materials, and techniques used matter to the concept, experience, and outcome of the artwork.

The exhibition will conclude with a symposium on April 24-25 and will include closing receptions, three panel discussions, several art bursts featuring the creative community of Corpus Christi, a talk by Houston-based curator and Oso Bay Biennial XXI exhibition juror Dr. Volker Eisele, and a keynote address by artist and UT Austin Professor Beili Liu. 

The symposium and all related events are open to the public.


Dr. Eisele is the director and founder of ArtScan and directs the Rudolph Blume Fine Art/ArtScan Gallery at 1836 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas.  In 2016, Dr. Eisele co-founded the city-wide festival Sculpture Month Houston.



– Entry Deadline:  February 15th, 2020
– Entry Fee:  The entry fee is $30.00 for up to three artworks. 
OR Artists who are active and paying members of Texas Sculpture Group and Midsouth Sculpture Alliance at the time of entry and throughout the exhibition (if selected) are exempt from paying the entry fee.  
– Notification:  March 1st, 2020
– Delivery or Shipping Deadline: Friday, March 27th, 2020
– Exhibition Dates: Friday, April 3 – Saturday, April 25th 
– Pick-up or Return Shipping Deadline: April 25th (following the closing reception) – May 2, 2020

– All mediums accepted: 2D, 3D and video work
– The works must be of original design and execution. 
– Work must be original; no reproductions.
– All work submitted must be available for exhibition dates and must be gallery ready.
– Artists are welcome to include an optional brief statement with details about material, process, and concept. 
– Recent works are preferred, but there is no restriction for the creation date.  

– The size is limited to artwork that fits through a standard door with no dimension longer than 72 inches.
– Total weight of work must not exceed 150 lbs unless the artist is on site to personally deliver, assist the gallery staff with installation, and pick-up artwork.
– Floor-based works must be firmly stable.
– Large-scale and multi-piece installations must be installed by the artist.
– The gallery has a limited number of pedestals. Pedestals can be reserved with gallery staff upon acceptance. If artwork requires a pedestal with unique dimensions, the pedestal must be provided by the artist.

– All wall-mounted work must be equipped with wire, D-rings, or French cleat(s) for hanging (or note method of presentation upon entry).
– Wall-mounted 3D work should be ready for hanging and artists must supply all appropriate installation materials (including instructions, templates, or guides).
– Total weight of wall-mounted work must not exceed 50lbs.

– For accepted video work, the artist is responsible for providing all necessary display and viewing equipment, including, but not limited to: display monitor, screens and screen supports, DVD player, USB drive, mounting hardware, remote controls, batteries. 


The Islander Gallery does not take a commission and any interest in purchases will be directed to the artist.

For more information, please visit the Department of Art + Design website at: http://cla.tamucc.edu/art/Events.html