OSO BAY BIENNIAL XXI: TAPPED – Student Invitational Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: March 30-July 1, 2020
Due to COVID-19 protocols and university guidelines, this exhibition was installed in the Weil Gallery but was not open to the public. It is available online below.

For more information, please visit TAMU-CC updated frequently asked questions.

Special Thanks to all the faculty and academic institutions who TAPPED recent students and these specific artworks to be included in this exhibition.

Austin Community College – Jill Bedgood
Baba Yaga, Kaylixan McAuley
Sodom, Paul Schuster
Interconnected, Sienna Stolte

Houston Community College – Jessica F. Kreutter
Los Diablos de Teloloapan, Bryan Lagunas
An Empty Seat and Lost Traditions, Mellany Medina
I’m Not Allowed To, Yolanda Osagie
You Want Some Drugs?, Janell Pesquera

Del Mar College – Amorette V. Garza
Sweet Tooth, Rianna Kirkham
Succulent, Rianna Kirkham
Masterstudy of Cellini’s Head of Medusa, Kyana Gallaher
Mastersudy of Chinard’s Jeanne de L’Orrne de L’Isle, Victoria Gibbons

Texas A&M University – Commerce – Josephine Durkin
Lib, Jane Cornish Smith
Hive, Jareth Arcane
Modified, Katie H. Ritche
TBA, David Namaksy

Texas State University – Jennifer Ling Datchuk
Serpent, God of Wind (Serpiente, Dios Del Viento), Joel Nieto
Everyday Joys, Theresa Sawczyn
Lucy, Karly Schlievert
I am Broken Down Again , Hentan Stevenson

University of North Texas – Liss Lafluer
Sirens of Memory, Sean Lopez
Ni la Vida, Ni la Muerte, Diana Rojas-Ponce
Broken and Bruised #2, Stephanie Gerhart

University of Texas at San Antonio – Buster Graybill
Lineage, Omar Gonzales
Santa Sebastiana, Gabi Magaly 
Nocturnal Observation #1, Chris Moncivias
22 ways to wear a belt, Eric Ryberg

Nocturnal Observation #1, Chris Moncivias

Victoria College – Debra Chronister
Holy Nature, Erica Estrada
Windows of Perception, Renee Raven
Crocheted Fossils, Renee Raven
Pent, Ben Sartor
POP Art, Ben Sartor, Natalie Brown, and Design II students