2020 Grant Recipient – Juleanna Fuller, senior BFA art major


“Aiming to jumpstart the creative economy by helping Rockport artists get back to work while the galleries, shops, and museums that drive their careers remain closed, “THE NEW NORMAL” grant initiative is the first of its kind in the United States. The intention of this program is to foster healing, and begin to bring a community back together, through the connections we all make with each other during and after the creations of art.”

TAMU-CC BFA art major Juleanna Fuller has been selected as one of the recipients of The New Normal Rockport grants!

As Juleanna wrote in her proposal:

Because these comforts have been stripped away, I couldn’t help but search for something familiar and comforting. I have quilted since I was a small child observing the careful act of stitch work and repetition of pattern modeled by my grandmother, and I have found myself returning to this activity as a means of self-care and artistic expression. Through my years of schooling, I have learned so many vital things that have molded me into the artist I am today. I hadn’t thought to apply these learnings to this treasured craft of quilting with my own artistic style.

Much has been taken from artists during this time, but there is always a light in the darkness. I found that light in my rediscovery of a childhood passion through the lens of my journey as an artist. With the blessing of this grant, I would be equipped to continue my current work with textiles and quilting while using the quilts as a narrative for the memories and experiences we have faced during these uncertain times.

Throughout history, art has been used to freeze moments in time, often so that we don’t forget the impact of events that have occurred. I would like to share my work with the community of Rockport and beyond with the hope that others can experience some of the same warmth and comfort I have found. As we learn to cope with this unexpected season of life, I look forward to contributing to the larger goal of recovery-because, as we, know art heals.

Juleanna Fuller